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Example integration - Twitter

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Example integration - Twitter

Performance Analytics includes an optional example integration that demonstrates how to fetch data from the Twitter service and display it on a Performance Analytics dashboard.

To use the Twitter integration you must activate the Performance Analytics - Example - Twitter plugin.

The integration allows you to track, break down, and report on the number of tweets and retweets containing certain tags and mentions.

You can define which tags and users to track by creating Twitter context records.

The Twitter service enforces several limits:
  • The Twitter Search API limits results to tweets at most 3 weeks old. Historic collection of hashtags and mentions is not available.
  • The integration is intended for use with a single user account and timeline. Support for multiple Twitter accounts is not available.

Configure Twitter integration

Configure the Twitter service integration to display Twitter data in Performance Analytics.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_admin, u_pa_twitter_context_user, and web_service_admin
Before starting this procedure, ensure you have complete the following prerequisites with the Twitter service:
  • A Twitter application is associated with your Twitter account.
  • You have recorded the Twitter application Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values.


  1. Navigate to System Web Services > REST Message.
  2. Select the Get Twitter OAuth Token REST message record.
  3. In the HTTP Methods related list, select the POST method.
  4. In the Basic authentication user ID field, enter your Twitter application Consumer Key.
  5. In the Basic authentication password field, enter your Twitter application Consumer Secret.
  6. Click Update.
  7. Navigate to Twitter > Twitter Collector Job.
  8. Schedule this job to run at least once.
    The job state will change to Running, then to Ready. Wait for this process to complete before moving on. This may take several minutes.
  9. Navigate to Twitter > PA Data Collector Job.
  10. Schedule this job to run at least once.
    When the job runs, an entry is added to the Job Logs related list. Wait for this record to reach the Collected state before moving on. This may take several minutes.

What to do next

After configuring the integration and collecting the data, you can view the Twitter dashboard by navigating to Twitter > Dashboard.

You can view all Twitter scorecards by navigating to Performance Analytics > Scorecards and filtering the list to include only scorecards where the Indicator group is Twitter.