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Scorecard chart settings

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Scorecard chart settings

Use the chart settings to configure which elements appear on a detailed scorecard.

Click the gear icon () at the top right to access the chart settings. Use chart settings to enable or disable the following elements.

  • Target set for this indicator. The option can only be selected if a target is set for the indicator. For more information, see Create a Performance Analytics target.
  • Thresholds set for this indicator. A threshold can help to give a warning about abnormal scores. For example, an all time high or an all time low scores. Thresholds are displayed as dashed light grey lines in the detailed scorecard. The option can only be selected if an active threshold is set for the indicator. For more information, see Create a Performance Analytics threshold.
  • Trendline that is generated by the system based on the indicator scores for the selected period.
  • Confidence band that displays the bandwidth between which the indicator scores are moving. The dark yellow band displays values that are with a 95% certainty within the bandwidth. The light yellow bands display the prediction band. The prediction band is broader than the confidence band, because outlying values are also taken into account for the calculation. Confidence bands are available starting with Eureka Patch 3 Hotfix 1.
  • Comments can be switched on or off in the detailed scorecard. If a comment was added for a data point, a balloon is displayed above it. When you point to the balloon, the comment itself is shown.
  • Labels can be enabled or disabled to show data labels for all data points in the chart.
  • Statistics can be switched on or off in the detailed scorecard. Chart statistics include average, minimum, maximum and number of scores.
Note: If a new date range is selected in the detailed scorecard, targets, thresholds, trendlines, and confidence bands are redrawn for that new date range.
Figure 1. Chart settings
Chart settings

To change the Type of chart to display for the scorecard:

  1. Click the chart settings menu icon () at the top right.
  2. Select the type of chart from the choice list:
    • Line Chart
    • Column Chart
    • Spline Chart
    • Area Chart
  3. Click the chart settings icon () again to close the menu.

No matter which chart type you choose, the trend is always shown as a line.