Optimize widget rendering time on responsive dashboards

You can use system properties to optimize how widgets load.

Before you begin

You can optimize widget rendering only on responsive dashboards.

Role required: admin


  1. Enter sys_properties.list in the Navigation filter.
  2. Use the following system properties to optimize rendering of dashboard widgets:
    glide.canvas.grid.widget_performance_threshold Defines the maximum number of seconds for a widget to render on a dashboard. Widgets that exceed this time are not rendered and a warning message is shown. Users can click to restart rendering. Stopping widgets that render slowly enables faster widgets to load, and increases the speed of dashboard loading.
    Note: This system property applies to responsive dashboards only.
    • Type: integer
    • Default value: none
    • Location: Add to the System Property [sys_properties] table.

    Defines the maximum number of widgets that render simultaneously on a dashboard. With smaller values, more requests are made to the server. With larger values, fewer requests are made to the server.

    Note: This property reduces load on the server. It does not necessarily improve performance of individual dashboards.

    Widgets that are outside of the screen do not load at all until you scroll past them.

    For values of 1 or lower, all widgets load simultaneously.

    • Type: integer
    • Default value: 3 if the property is not manually set. The minimum value is 2 if the property is manually set.
    • Location: Add to the System Property [sys_properties] table.
    The values to use for these properties depend on the performance of your instance and the contents of its dashboards.