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Custom interactive filter limitations

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Custom interactive filter limitations

Custom interactive filters are a fallback for use when standard interactive filters don't provide certain functionality.

Note: The exposed DashboardMessageHandler API for custom interactive filters is limited and does not provide parity with standard interactive filters. The API does not support these features. To provide this functionality, you must write your own code.

Unsupported custom interactive filter features

Setting default filter values
Creators of custom interactive filters are not able to select default filter values.
Retaining filter value on refreshing the widget
When you click a widget's refresh icon (refresh icon) to refresh its content, or when you select Refresh from the context menu (context menu icon), the custom interactive filter value does not persist.
Resetting custom filter values / All filter values
When you select Reset Filters from the context menu (context menu icon), the custom interactive filter does not change and is still applied.
Setting filter values on page load or tab switch
Custom interactive filter values do not persist when the user switches tabs, or opens a new dashboard and returns to the first dashboard or dashboard tab.
Adding multiple instances of the same custom interactive filter on a tab
If there is more than one instance of the same custom interactive filter on a tab, unexpected behavior can result.
Note: Custom interactive filter values do not persist across tabs. To filter values on multiple tabs on the same dashboard, you must add the custom interactive filter to each tab.
Unsubscribing reports on removal of custom interactive filter
Reports following a custom interactive filter on a dashboard continue to follow that filter even when the filter is deleted from the dashboard.
Applying a custom interactive filter to more than one table at a time
In the definition of a custom interactive filter, it is possible to specify only one table. If multiple tables are specified, the filter is invalid. The publishFilter method of the API only takes one table as an argument.
Filtering widgets in Export to PDF
When you create custom content to be placed as widgets on dashboards and home pages, you must perform extra tests before you export the content to PDF. In the exported PDF, report widgets that are filtered using custom interactive filters may appear as blank squares or the widget content does not respect the filter.
Custom filters do not apply to lazy loaded dashboard widgets
Custom interactive filters only apply to the widgets below the filter and on the screen when the filter is visible. Widgets that are loaded when the user scrolls through a longer dashboard are not filtered. For more information on lazy loading, see Differences between homepages and responsive and non-responsive dashboards.
Custom interactive filters cannot be used in a breakdown dashboard
On breakdown dashboards, the breakdown itself is used to filter all Performance Analytics widget data. For more information, see Using breakdowns on dashboards.