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Service offerings

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Service offerings

A service offering derives from a business service, refining the parent business service to a specific business need.

About this task

Service offerings are the starting point for configuring Service Portfolio Management.

A Service Offering consists of a set of Service Commitments which uniquely define the level of service in terms of availability, scope, and pricing. For example, an organization may offer two levels of Desktop Support in your organization. A Standard offering of upgrades and virus protection. And an Executive offering with the standard commitments plus some type of availability guarantee, such as 98% availability from 8-5 on weekdays.

To create a service offering:


  1. Navigate to Business Services > Service Offerings and click New.
  2. Give the offering a unique and descriptive name.
  3. Make sure to include the Parent service from the list of available Business Services.
  4. Set the Price and select a currency.

    The Price model and the Price unit fields are read-only. These values can only be set in the Service Portfolio view of the parent Business Service.

  5. In versions at Dublin and later, select a Vendor and a Contract for this service offering.

    This information is used when creating vendor credit records.

  6. Complete the form, right-click in the header bar and select Save from the pop-up menu.

    The related lists for the offering appear.

  7. Configure Service Commitments and Subscribe by User using the procedures in this page.
    Note: Modifying the line items (such as Location, Manager, Tech Contact, and Billed Monthly) that appear in each service offering requires knowledge of scripting and Jelly. The service offering line items can be modified by navigating to System UI > UI Macros and selecting the UI macro named servicecatalog_delivery.