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Use exact times in SLA calculations

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Use exact times in SLA calculations

When business percentages are used for SLA calculations, they are rounded up to two decimal places.

About this task

As a result, breaches can occur when SLA calculations are rounded up to 100%. You can enable SLA calculations to instead use the business time or actual time left.

For example, a business percentage of 99.951% is rounded up to 100%, which causes a breach.

For more accurate SLA calculations, enable the SLA engine property for using the exact value of the business time left if a schedule is specified or the actual time left if the SLA has no schedule specified.


  1. Go to Service Level Management > Properties > SLA Engine.
  2. For the Use field "business_time_left" to calculate breach time instead of "business_percentage" field property, select the Yes check box.
  3. Click Save.