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Run the 2011 SLA engine asynchronously

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Run the 2011 SLA engine asynchronously

By default in the 2011 engine, the Run SLAs business rule runs synchronously after a task is changed and evaluates the conditions for transitioning the SLA state.

Before you begin

Role required: sla admin

About this task

You can run this calculation asynchronously for performance reasons such as avoiding delays when a user saves a new incident record. There may be a short delay before the up-to-date Task SLA records are available after updating a Task. You may need to refresh the form to see the updated Task SLAs. Use asynchronous process to get the best experience in terms of UI unless you face performance issues.
Note: In the 2010 engine, the asynchronous Process SLAs business rule runs this processing


  1. Navigate to Service Level Management > Properties > SLA Engine.
  2. For the Run the 2011 SLA engine asynchronously after task insert or update operations property, select the Yes check box.
  3. Click Save.