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Repair SLAs from a list

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Repair SLAs from a list

You can repair multiple SLA records from a list of task or SLA records.

About this task

You can also repair SLA records from the relevant Task form, or from the SLA form for the SLA associated with the task.


  1. Navigate to a list of SLA records or task records.
  2. Check the records to repair against.
  3. Select the Repair SLAs for selected list action.
  4. Alternatively, to repair SLAs for all records on that list, select the Repair for all filtered definitions related link.
    The SLAs selected are repaired. When the repair process is completed, the user selecting to repair receives a standard notification of the repair results.
    Note: Closing the progress dialog box does not stop the repair process. You can go to Active repairs or My repairs and click Show progress to view the progress dialog again.