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Task SLA table

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Task SLA table

When an SLA Definition is triggered against a particular task, the Task SLA record is generated and contains all the tracking data for the specific SLA on that record. In many cases there will be multiple Task SLA records against a single task since many definitions apply. The Task SLA [task_sla] table stores Task SLA records for the SLAs attached to particular tasks.

For example, if an SLA Definition exists for P1 incidents, a Task SLA record will attach to the P1 incident record and capture all the data associated with it.

For each task, attached SLAs are accessible in a related list on the Task's form.

Figure 1. Task SLA Table

The SLA form for a task shows further details:

Figure 2. Task SLA form

Stage values

The following Stage values are defined:
  • In progress
  • Cancelled
  • Paused
  • Completed
Note: The Breached stage value is also available for systems either using the 2010 SLA engine, or running in compatibility mode.

Timing information

The Timings fields on the Task SLA contain the crucial information powered by the SLA Engine:

Table 1. Task SLA Time-Based Fields
Field Description
Start time The time the SLA was started.
Stop time The time the SLA ended.
Breach time The time the SLA will breach, adjusted for business pause duration (for task SLAs with a schedule specified) or pause duration (for task SLAs with no schedule).
Note: Breach time is the same as Planned end time.
Actual Elapsed Time Time between start time and now (minus pause duration).
Actual Elapsed Percentage Percentage of total SLA that has elapsed (minus pause duration).
Actual Time Left Time remaining until SLA breach.
Business Elapsed Time Time within the specified schedule between start time and now (minus pause duration).
Business Elapsed Percentage Percentage of total SLA that has elapsed within the specified schedule (minus pause duration).
Business Time Left Time within the schedule remaining until SLA breach.
Original breach time The date/time the SLA would breach, as calculated when the SLA is first attached.
Note: You may have to configure the form to see this field.