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SLA calculation

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SLA calculation

SLAs are calculated and assessed by a business rule and scheduled jobs that run in the background.

The mechanisms that control SLA Workflow and SLA Automation are independent of each other. You may have a requirement to send out email notifications from the SLA Workflow displaying the current elapsed percentage of the SLA. However, this does not work because using percentage in a notification only displays the most recently calculated value of the Task SLA. This results in inaccurate values sent out in email when using SLA calculated values in a Task SLA email notification.

One solution is to specify elapsed percentage in SLA notifications by using notifications for each percentage level. For example, an email notification for "75 percent SLA Warning" is created and a special event is used to trigger that notification. The event can be called "sla.warning.75". Another solution is hard-coding these email notifications to trigger at a specified duration percentage, and configure the workflow linked to that SLA definition to send an email notification after waiting an elapsed percentage.