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SLA timeline

You can visualize the timeline of a task SLA record and follow when the record transitions from one stage to another.

The important aspects of the timeline view are:
  • From and to dates: The From date and time is first history record of the task when it was created. The To date and time is the most recent update to the task.
  • Blue dots: The blue dots signify an update to the incident with the first dot signifying when the incident was created. You can hover over the blue dot to view the details of the updates that were made to the task and the SLA conditions that matched the update as shown in the screenshot below. For example, the screenshot below displays that the task SLA record attached at first when the start conditions matched and is currently paused since the pause conditions matched. It also displays that task SLA is in Awaiting user info state, which is the reason for pause condition match.
  • Time of the update: When you hover over the blue dot, the SLA Timeline also displays the time of the update in the time bar at the bottom of the form.
  • Time spans: The spans displayed on the timeline have different colors to denote the different stages the task SLA record has progressed through. You can point to the stage spans to view details of every stage including the actual and business elapsed times.
  • Retroactive start calculation: The SLA definition is configured to have a retroactive start and the timeline includes this information when the task SLA attaches to the incident.
  • SLA schedule: The SLA timeline displays the schedule that the task SLA record follows. For example, in the screenshot below, the schedule for this SLA is 8-5 weekdays and so the actual business time will always be based on the same.
  • Business elapsed time: The SLA timeline displays the total business elapsed time the task SLA record has accumulated. For example, in the screenshot below, the task SLA has accumulated a total of 8 minutes business elapsed time prior to getting canceled.