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SLA for the end user

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SLA for the end user

You can view the details for every task SLA record created for a task.

Each task can have one or more task SLA records associated with it. For example, the diagram below considers three SLA definitions irrespective of whether they attach to a task or not. The SLA definitions for priority P1 and Assignment group Network match the task in terms of priority and assigned to group. As a result, two task SLA records are created. However, the SLA definition for priority 2 does not match and hence no task SLA record is created.

Figure 1. How task SLAs are created
Demonstrates how task SLAs are created when SLA definitions are applied to tasks.

In the task SLA record, you can view the task SLA details such as the stage the task SLA is in and if it has breached.

In addition, you can get an overview of the timings for the task SLA such as the actual and business elapsed time and percentage, and the actual and business time left in days and hours.