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SLA definition

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SLA definition

An SLA definition record defines the timings, conditions, workflows, and other information required to create and progress task SLAs.

Use the SLA Definition record to define a specific set of criteria for generating a SLA. Define some of the following parameters:
  • Table: SLAs can be defined against any task table
  • Duration: You can specify the time duration in which the service must be provided to the customer.
  • Schedule: You can specify the schedule, which indicates valid working and non working days that the service provider follows to deliver the service. The selected schedule will be used to determine when the SLA will breach.
  • Conditions: You can specify the conditions under which the SLA will start, pause, stop, or reset.

For example, the default Priority 1 resolution (8 hour) SLA Definition defines the Task SLAs to attach to incidents with a P1 - Critical priority, specifies appropriate conditions for those Task SLAs, and uses the default SLA workflow to create events such as to send a notification, when an incident's Task SLA reaches 50% of its allotted time.