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Define an item task

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Define an item task

Item tasks describe the work required to fulfill a request for an item.

About this task

Item tasks are generated as standard catalog tasks when an item is ordered, like the tasks generated by workflows. Tasks are assigned to users or groups as part of the fulfillment process when that item is ordered. For example, an item to request a laptop can have a task to deliver the laptop to the user.

Users can view their open tasks by navigating to Service Catalog > Open Records > Tasks, or can open the requested item and view the task in the Catalog Tasks related list.

To add a task to an item:


  1. On the Item form, click the Add a Task related link.
  2. Fill in the fields, as appropriate (see table).
  3. Click Submit.

    The new task is added to the Tasks related list.

  4. To edit a task, open it from the related list.
    Table 1. Add task
    Field Description
    Short Description A brief description of the task.
    Description A more detailed description that provides details and instructions for the people performing the task.
    Assignment The assignment type. Select User specified to select your own assignment options, or Predefined to select from predefined task assignment definitions set by an administrator.
    Group The group to perform the task. Appears if the assignment is set to User specified.

    The user to perform the task. Appears if the assignment is set to User specified.

    If you select a group first, only users from that group are available in the User selection list.

    Assign to

    A predefined assignment option. Appears if Assignment is set to Predefined.

    Select from the task assignment types created by the administrator or catalog administrator. Assignment types commonly base the task assignment on information provided with the request. For example, if you select Local database team for the requestor, the system assigns the task to someone from the designated team.


    The sequence in which tasks are created. Tasks are only created when any tasks with lower-order numbers are completed. For example, if Task 1 has order 100 and Task 2 has order 150, Task 2 is only created when Task 1 is completed.

    If multiple tasks have the same order number, they are created at the same time, so the tasks can be performed at the same time.