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Define an item section

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Define an item section

You can add sections to organize the questions into logical groups, each with its own heading, which can streamline the request process.

About this task

For example, an item to request a new laptop can have sections for the hardware specifications and software requirements.

Add the sections before you add the questions to simplify the layout process.


  1. On the Item form, click the Add a Section related link.
  2. Fill in the fields as appropriate.
    Table 1. Item section
    Field Description
    Label The section title that describes the type of questions in the section. For example, you can define sections such as User Details.
    Position A number indicating the vertical position of the section. Position 1 shows at the top, position 2 is below Position 1, and so on.
  3. Click Submit.

    The new section is added to the Sections related list.

  4. To edit a section, open it from the related list. By default, a single two-column section is created for each item.