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Question choice

Question choice

Service catalog enables you to define a question choice for a variable.

About this task

Some variable types present the user with a list of choices. For example, a multiple choice variable that asks how much memory you want in a computer requires you to define the available choices, such as 1 GB and 2 GB.

To define a question choice for a variable:


  1. Open the variable definition.

  2. In the Question Choices related list, click New.

    Figure 1. Question choice new record form

  3. Enter the question choice details and click Submit to save the record.

    • Price and Recurring price: variables can affect the item price and recurring price (if used).
    • Order: the number defining the order in which the price appears when displayed.
    • Question: the actual question being asked for that variable.
    • Text: the choice presented to the user.
    • Value: the value stored in the database.
  4. Repeat the steps for each available choice to define the full set of choices for that variable.

    Note: If you modify variable choices that are attached to a catalog item, existing requested items (RITMs) are not affected. The changes apply to the new requested items.

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