Create an item

Category managers and catalog editors can create items using the item designer.

  1. Navigate to Item Designer > Create New.
  2. Fill in the fields as appropriate.
    Table 1. Designer view
    Field Description
    Name The name of the item.
    State [Read-Only] The state of the item. Initially the state is set to Draft. When you publish the item, the state changes to Published.
    Details section
    Availability The interface where this item is available. Choose from Desktop and Mobile, Desktop Only, or Mobile only.
    Catalogs The catalogs the item is published to.
    Categories The categories the item is published to within the selected catalogs.
    Short Description A brief description of the item.
    Desktop image An image of the item. This field is available only if Availability is set to either Desktop Only or Desktop and Mobile.
    Mobile image An image of the item for the smartphone interface. This field is available only if Availability is set to either Mobile Only or Desktop and Mobile.
    Description A full description of the item. This description appears in the catalog when a user selects the item or clicks the associated More Information link.
    Costs section
    One off cost The price for the item and the currency for that price.
    Recurring cost A price that occurs repeatedly at a regular interval. For example, a printer maintenance service could have a $100.00 monthly recurring price.
    Recurring cost frequency The time frame when the cost recurs. Select a frequency, such as Monthly or Quarterly, if you enter a value in the Recurring cost field.
  3. Click Next to save the record.
  4. Under Related Links, click the appropriate link to add questions, approvals, sections, or tasks for the item.