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Set up catalog portal pages

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Set up catalog portal pages

The Catalog Portal Page [sc_catalog_view_mtom] table links catalogs to CMS portal pages and defines the default catalog to portal page combination used by URLs.

For example, the default portal page for the service catalog is the catalog_default page.

Catalog portal page records appear in the Catalog Portal Pages related list on the Catalog form. The Catalog Portal Page table generates two values in a URL: sysparm_catalog_view and sysparam_catalog. Use the Catalog Portal Page form to enter a custom link, if required.

Resolve missing catalog portal pages

If a catalog record is not associated to a catalog portal page record, ServiceNow attempts to present a view based on a set prefix of: catalog_<catalog name>.

For example, if the default service catalog has no catalog portal page record, the system sets sysparm_view to catalog_Service_Catalog. With this setting, when you navigate to Self-Service > Service Catalog, you view a new and apparently blank catalog_Service_Catalog portal page, instead of the existing and populated catalog_default portal page.

To correct, go to the Sites related list on the Catalog form and add a new catalog portal page record manually.

For example, for the default service catalog, add a record with the following values:
  • Catalog: Service Catalog
  • Portal Page: Catalog (catalog_default)
  • Default: true