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Service catalog variable sets

Service catalog variable sets

Administrators and catalog administrators often define multiple catalog items that use the same group of service catalog variables. Catalog managers and catalog editors can attach a variable set for items and categories to which they are assigned. However, catalog managers and catalog editors cannot create a variable set.

For example, a catalog administrator defines 10 catalog items for types of servers, and the request process for all these items asks the same five questions, using the same variables.

Associating these variables individually per catalog item is repetitive, time-consuming, and error-prone. Also, to make a single change to multiple catalog items involves manually changing each item. For example, to add a new variable to 10 catalog items, you would need to manually associate this new variable with each item.

Variable sets allow you to group variables together, and share this group between multiple catalog items and order guides. Changes made to a variable set affect all items that use the variable set, allowing you to change the set once, then apply the changes to all items using that set.

Note: Variables in a set use the same rules as other variables to determine when the variables in a set appear on a task. For example, variables must either be global or be attached directly to an item. A note indicates neutral or positive information that emphasizes or supplements important points of the main text. A note supplies information that can apply only in special cases. Examples are memory limitations, equipment configurations, or details that apply to specific versions of a program.