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Modifications in the delivery screen

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Modifications in the delivery screen

In the final checkout step, a summary screen provides a list of all items and services ordered.

Warning: Modifying the Order Status or Summary screen requires advanced scripting and a knowledge of Jelly. Also, the upgrade process skips updates to the summary screen after a customization. With these constraints in mind, you can modify the summary screen by editing the com.glideapp.servicecatalog_checkout_view UI page.
Figure 1. Catalog order summary status

Requester search results

After you enable the two-step checkout process, the Requested for field appears on the Request form.

The Requested for field references the User [sys_user] table and has an auto-complete feature. Two service catalog properties (Service Catalog > Catalog Policy > Properties) enable an administrator to add columns to the search results for this field and to order the list by one of the columns.

Table 1. Service catalog properties
Property Description
Additional columns for the "request for" Service Catalog widget.


Choose fields from the User [sys_user] table. Must be semicolon separated.
Ordering of matches for the "request for" Service Catalog widget.


Choose fields from the User [sys_user] table.