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Execution Plans

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Execution Plans

An execution plan describes how a catalog item is procured, configured, and installed.

Execution plans enable you to describe simple, linear processes. Each execution plan contains one or more tasks. For example, an organization could create an execution plan for delivering a corporate standard PC that contains these tasks:

  1. Procure the PC from a supplier.
  2. Configure the PC according to requester specifications.
  3. Deliver the PC to the requester.

An execution plan is not specific to any one catalog item. There could be many different models of PC that a user can order, all using the same execution plan. It is not necessary to create a new execution plan for each individual catalog item in a mature service catalog.

Note: Execution plans are not as powerful or flexible as workflows, and cannot be designed using a graphical editor. Execution plans are useful in some circumstances, for example, if you want to build your processes programmatically or through imports. ServiceNow recommends using workflows for request fulfillment processes.