Execution plan tasks

An execution plan contains one or more task templates. Each task template defines work that can be completed by a specific group.

Execution plans are associated to catalog items. When the relevant catalog item is requested, these task templates are used to generate tasks. That is, tasks to be performed as part of the request fulfillment process for that requested item. Each generated task within that requested item is assigned a catalog task number.


The execution plan for an executive desktop computer catalog item could define the following task templates in the execution plan:
  • Obtain managerial approval
  • Order hardware
  • Install standard corporate applications
  • Deliver computer to requester
When this catalog item is ordered, the following request, requested item, and tasks are then created:
  • Request REQ0002 -- 1 PC
    • Requested Item ITEM0004 -- 1 X executive desktop
      • Catalog Task0001 -- Obtain managerial approval
      • Catalog Task0002 -- Order hardware
      • Catalog Task0003 -- Install standard corporate application
      • Catalog Task0004 -- Deliver computer to requester