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Service 360 application dependencies

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Service 360 application dependencies

Service 360 depends on other applications within the instance to collect the data displayed in reports.

Service 360 depends on the following plugins.
Note: Service 360 can work without all the following plugins being activated. Data is collected and displayed if your organization is actively utilizing the various tools, like Risk Management and Financial Management, activated by the plugins. If one of the listed plugins is not activated, or is activated but not utilized, there is no data collected. Data does not display in the corresponding widgets, dashboard, and treemap. These components display with the message "No Records to Display," or "No data available."
Table 1. Plugin dependencies
Plugin Name Plugin ID Description
Performance Analytics – Content Pack – Change Management Contains the out-of-box key performance indicators for Change Management.
Performance Analytics – Content Pack – Problem Management Contains the out-of-box key performance indicators for Problem Management.
Service Portfolio Management com.snc.service_portfolio Allows an organization to document the business services it proves using a standardized, structured format. Performance against availability commitments is calculated and can be displayed in a homepage.
Service Portfolio Management—SLA Commitments com.snc.service_portfolio.sla Adds SLA commitments to support Service Portfolio Management.
Incident Management com.snc.incident The base incident management plugin used to manage IT related incidents.
Problem Management com.snc.problem The base problem management plugin used to manage IT related problems.
Change Management com.snc.change_request The base change management plugin used to manage IT related change requests.

To reap the benefits of Service 360, Performance Analytics – Premium plugin has to be installed as well. This plugin allows the user to automate recurring information needs with scorecards and dashboards and by taking configurable snapshots of any data at regular intervals. To activate both Service 360 and Performance Analytics – Premium, contact your ServiceNow account manager.

There are additional applications (Risk Management, Project Portfolio Management, and Financial Management) that require additional licenses to activate the plugins. Once activated, the following plugins populate the Service 360 treemap and dashboard with additional categories, indicators, and widgets.

Table 2. Plugins that require additional licenses
Plugin Name Plugin ID Description
GRC: Risk com.sn_risk Allows organizations to identify, assess, and respond to risk throughout the enterprise.
Financial Management com.snc.finance_management Enables Financial Analysts to assemble spending data, build cost models, and generate reports to show how funds are being used.
Project Portfolio Suite com.snc.project_portfolio_suite Activates an integrated set of applications for project portfolio management and IT software development.