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Release Management tools

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Release Management tools

Several plugins are available for managing a software release process.

The smaller Release v2 plugin is a complete release management update, while the SDLC, SDLC Scrum, and SDLC Scrum Process Pack plugins are add-ons adapted to particular process flows.
  • Release Management v2 plugin
  • SDLC Software Development Life Cycle plugin
  • SDLC - Scrum plugin
  • SDLC - Scrum Process Pack plugin
All plugins consist of some new custom tables, extended from the Planned Task table shared with Project Management. This change allows all the new structures to take advantage of the existing Planned Task functionality, like scheduling, task dependencies, utilizing the Gantt chart, resource management, and time carding. Planned Task in turn is an extension of the core Task Table, giving Release v2, SDLC, and Scrum records access to all the tools available to any task.

If one of the add-on plugins (SDLC or SDLC-Scrum) is activated, the core Release v2 application is retained separate from the SDLC or SDLC - Scrum application. This change allows either the SDLC or Scrum processes to coexist alongside a more generic waterfall process (in the Release v2 application). However, the SDLC - Scrum application will replace the SDLC application, so those two processes cannot be implemented side-by-side.

The applications and modules installed depend on which plugins have been activated. If the Release Management v2 plugin is activated, only the Release Management v2 application will be available. If the SDLC plugin is activated, both the SDLC and Release Management v2 applications are available. If the SDLC - Scrum plugin is activated, it replaces the SDLC application with the Scrum application, and retains the Release Management v2 application.