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Release phase automation

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Release phase automation

Business rules on the release tables automate the process of release phases.

Phase generation

If the Phases Wanted field on the Release form is checked, the SNC Release Insert Phases business rule generates the phases for a release based on the type of the release. Once the release is saved, the business rule creates standard phases. Reload the form to make the phases visible.

Phase Advancement

Phase workflow is powered by business rules.

The SNC Release phase events business rule:

  • Activates phases when they are approved.
  • Activates the next phase when the phase is approved or marked Closed Complete.
  • Updates the state of the release according to the state of the phase and according to which state is active.

The SNC Release phase business rule:

  • Sets the state of the phase based on approvals.
  • Updates the end-date based on completion.

The SNC Release phase - new business rule:

  • Documents each added phase in the release journal field.

The SNC Release Delete Phases business rule:

  • Deletes phases when the release is deleted.