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Post news

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Post news

You can quickly create and publish a knowledge article in the News category.

Before you begin

Role required: itil


  1. Open the problem from which to post news.
  2. Click the Post News related link.
    The resulting knowledge article contains the following information.
    • The problem number and Short description become the knowledge article Short description.
    • The problem Description and Work notes become the knowledge article Text.
    • The problem Configuration Item becomes the knowledge article Configuration Item for the Affected Products related list.
    By default, the Post News related link creates an article in the Published workflow state. These articles appear in the News category of the knowledge portal immediately.
    Note: The glide.knowman.submission.workflow property determines whether Post News is published as news or as a draft submission. If the value of the property is true then a kb_submission record is created which is a draft version. If the value of the property is false then a kb_knowledge with topic News is created and the workflow_state is set to published.

    If the knowledge submission workflow is enabled, the problem Short description and Work notes are placed into a knowledge submission instead of an article. For more information, see Knowledge workflows.