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Unlock a task in ITSM guided setup

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Unlock a task in ITSM guided setup

A configuration task in ITSM guided setup can have prerequisites that must be completed before the configurations for the task can be started. Such tasks are displayed as locked until the prerequisites are completed.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

In ITSM guided setup, the prerequisites can fall under one of the following categories:
Dependency on a plugin
Activate the required plugins to unlock the configuration task.
Dependency on other configuration activities
Complete the required activities to unlock the configuration task.


  • To unlock a plugin-dependent task:
    1. Click the View plugins link.
    2. In the Required plugins window, select one of the required plugins.
      If only one plugin is required, it gets selected by default.
    3. Under Related Links, click Activate/Upgrade.
    4. Proceed with the onscreen instructions to activate the plugin and reload the form.
    The configuration task is unlocked.
  • To unlock an activity-dependent task:
    1. Complete the prerequisite configuration activity.
    2. If the prerequisite configuration activity itself depends on other configuration activities, loop through the prerequisite activities to complete them.
    The configuration task is unlocked.