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Incident alert related lists

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Incident alert related lists

After you create an incident alert, several related lists are added to the form.

Table 1. Related lists
Name Description
Impacted CIs The Impacted CIs related list shows all the CIs that the CMDB shows as related to the source CI for this alert.
Figure 1. Incident alert impacted CIs
Incident alert impacted CIs

Administrators and incident alert administrators can modify this list. Click the Edit button, then add and remove CIs, as appropriate.

Note: Administrators can adjust the com.snc.iam.log_level property to view more log information for how this list is determined. By default the value is info. Set this field to debug to see more detailed log information.
User Contacts After an incident alert is created, the following default user responsibilities are added to the User Contacts related list:
  • Duty Manager
  • Duty Director
  • Incident Manager
Figure 2. Incident alert contacts
Incident alert contacts
From this list:
  • Click New to add a new contact.
  • Click the lookup icon beside the responsibility entry to edit the details for that responsibility.
  • Select the check box for the entry, then select Actions on selected rows.. and click Delete, to delete that entry from the user contacts list.

For more information, see Using Contacts with Incident Alerts.

Group Contacts There are currently no default group contacts defined for incident alert management. However, you can define group responsibilities for your organization, then configure the form to add the Group Contacts related list.

You can then edit and modify this list, as for the user contacts.

Related Incidents and Related Problems The Related Incidents and Related Problems related lists show incidents and problems affected, based on the source incident for the alert.
Figure 3. Incident alert related problems
Incident alert related problems

This information is read-only. Make changes to this information by updating the source incident.

Notify If Notify is active, two additional related lists appear on the Incident Alert form.

The SMS Messages related list gives information about the SMS notifications sent to users identified as contacts on the incident alert. For example, by default, SMS notifications are sent to users who are assigned to responsibilities when an incident alert is created.

The SMS message content depends on the fields that were filled in when the alert is created, but is generally in the following format:

IA0000001: a <severity> severity <event type> incident alert for '<CI name>' has been opened

Note: The CI name may be truncated to keep the content within 160 characters.

The Conference Calls related list shows details of any conference calls that have been launched for the incident alert.

For more information, see Using Notify with Incident Alert Management.