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Responses to conference call information

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Responses to conference call information

When a user is invited to join a conference call, Notify may receive on of several responses. These responses can be viewed in the conference call details.


This content applies to the Legacy Notify and the newer Notify plugin, where there is a difference it will be noted.

Table 1. Responses to conference call invitations
Response Description
Accepted The contact answered the call and accepted the invitation to join the conference.
Busy A busy signal was received. Either the contact rejected the incoming call or the phone was in use.
Cancelled The conference call manager cancelled the outgoing call.
Completed The call was finished or the contact hung up.
Failed The call could not be completed as dialed, possibly because the phone number did not exist.
Ignored The contact answered the phone, but hung up or disconnected without choosing to accept or reject the incoming call.
Rejected The contact answered the call and rejected the invitation.
Ringing The contact is being called.
Unanswered Any other action, for example, a missed call, or the contact took another action.
Note: Depending on the phone service provider of the contact, the information the participant receives may vary. For example, contacts who have switched off their phones may or may not receive a missed call message.