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Incident Alert Management example

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Incident Alert Management example

This example provides a description of the incident alert management process.

An example of how incident alerts can be used in an incident management process is:

  1. An ITIL user creates a high-priority incident regarding a serious issue with the server room.
  2. The incident alert administrator creates an incident alert for this source incident.
  3. As a result of a conference call discussion, a problem is identified based on the incident. This problem is assigned to the problem management team, which agrees to investigate further and identify tasks to improve service and prevent similar incidents from occurring.
  4. The incident management team resolves the source incident. The source incident may also be closed at this point.
  5. The incident alert administrator resolves the incident alert.
  6. The incident alert administrator convenes a post incident review meeting to ensure that all identified tasks are logged and tracked to completion.
  7. The incident alert administrator can now close the incident alert.