Tables installed with Contract Management

Contract Management adds the following tables.
Table Description
Asset Covered [clm_m2m_contract_asset] Lists the assets covered by a contract. An asset can be covered by multiple contracts and a contract can have multiple assets.
Asset Covered [clm_m2m_rate_card_asset] Lists the rate cards that apply to an asset.
Condition [clm_condition_checker] Lists the conditions and values for each condition checker.
Condition Checks [clm_condition_check] Stores conditions and values that modify specified condition fields.
Contract [ast_contract] Stores contract information.
Contract History [clm_contract_history] Stores a copy of the contract when the start date, end date, or terms and conditions change.
Terms and Conditions [clm_terms_and_conditions] Lists the terms and conditions used by contracts.
Terms and Conditions [clm_m2m_contract_and_terms] Lists all terms and conditions available for use with contracts.
Users Covered [clm_m2m_contract_user] Lists the users covered by contracts.