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Use Bulk CI Changes and Mass Update CI

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Use Bulk CI Changes and Mass Update CI

After these change management features are activated, you can use proposed changes in a change request to apply the same update to a set of CIs for a specific CI class.

Before you begin

Role required: itil or admin

About this task


  1. Navigate to Change > Create New and select Normal or Emergency change.
  2. Complete the information at the top of the form, but do not select a Configuration item.
  3. Select the Mass update CI class check box.
    The Mass update CI class tab or form section appears.
  4. On the Mass update CI class tab, select the CI class to update.
    The parent CMDB table, cmdb_ci, is selected by default. Search for the class name, for example, enter linux or email.
  5. Enter the proposed changes to make to all the affected CIs.
    Each time you select a field and value, another line appears. If you enter a proposed change in error, click the X beside the line to remove it.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Open the change request you submitted.
  8. In the Affected CIs related list, click Add.
    The Add Affected Configuration Items window that opens lists only the CIs in the selected CI class.
  9. Select one or more CIs and click Add Selected, or click Add All.
    If you change the CI class after selecting affected CIs, the list is cleared when you save the record.
  10. Continue with the change management process for this change request.
  11. When the record reaches the Implement or Review states, click Apply Proposed Changes.
    A message informs you that the proposed changes were applied to all the affected CIs.
    Note: If you are using Bulk CI Change without Mass Update CI, then the proposed changes are applied when the change request is closed.