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Place a change request on hold

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Place a change request on hold

You can put a change request on hold when it is not in the New, Canceled, or Closed state.

About this task

Roles required: itil, admin, or change manager

When a change request is placed on hold, these conditions are applied to it:
  • If the change is waiting for any approvals, then the pending approvals are marked No Longer Required. When the change request is no longer on hold, then the pending approvals are reinstated and are Awaiting approval.
  • The change can progress to only the Canceled state while it is on hold.
  • If a change request is cancelled while it is on hold, then its On hold flag is set to false so the change cannot be canceled and still be on hold.


  1. Navigate to Change > Open.
  2. Open the specific change request.
  3. Select the On hold check box.
  4. In the On hold reason field, enter the reason for placing the change request on hold
  5. Click Update.