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Change schedule

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Change schedule

The Change Schedule module provides a Gantt or timeline style view of change requests based on criteria defined within a Timeline pages .

To access Change Schedules, navigate to Change > Schedule > Change Schedule.

Change requests are represented by a span. The duration of the span is, by default, defined by the planned start date and planned end date of the change request. The Change Schedule timeline page allows conditions to be defined via condition builder. The condition builder determines which change requests are displayed and how those change requests are sorted. Using condition builder you can define interactive options. The options allow you to modify the planned start or end date of a change request by dragging the span to a different date or time.

Timeline page span styles allow conditions to be defined to determine the color of a span. As an example, if you want all changes of type Emergency to show as a red span a span style can be defined for that condition.
Figure 1. Change Schedule
change schedule

Use the range selectors at the top of the timeline to change the perspective. The increments go from one day to one year. To limit the timeline to an increment between the start date of the first span and the end date of the last span, click Max.

The green, vertical line indicates the current date and time, and sweeps across the timeline automatically.