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Change Advisory Board (CAB) workbench

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Change Advisory Board (CAB) workbench

The Change Advisory Board (CAB) workbench enables a CAB manager to schedule, plan, and manage CAB meetings.

CAB meetings are typically intended to review and authorize change requests and review recently implemented changes. A standard agenda with the relevant change request details enables the CAB members to conduct risk and impact analysis prior to the CAB meeting.

The CAB workbench assists you in managing CAB meetings in the following ways:
Define a schedule for CAB meetings
Schedule a recurring series of CAB meetings for CAB members to assess the impact and risk of change requests prior to the meetings.
Define CAB meeting attendees
Define members who attend this CAB meeting series for each occurrence. For example, define the CAB board members or any delegates who can substitute if the CAB manager cannot attend.
Define CAB meeting agenda
Define filter criteria that determines which change requests are included in any occurrence of a CAB meeting. If a change request is included in an agenda, the change requester is notified of the CAB meeting in which the change request will be discussed. The change requester can attend and present the reasons for the proposed change, and explain the intended outcomes and potential risks of the change.
View change calendar
Schedule changes by displaying existing planned changes in a change calendar in daily, weekly, and monthly view. The calendar view also lists maintenance windows and blackout schedules, if any.
Approve or reject a change request
Approve or reject a change request based on the decision taken in the CAB meeting.
View and record meeting notes
Record meeting notes from a specific CAB meeting and share these notes with other meeting attendees.