Standard change catalog

Standard changes are pre-approved, low risk changes with a proven history of success. The standard change catalog contains the changes that have been approved by Change Management as standard changes.

Users with the itil role can view the list of available standard changes and submit change requests.

This video demonstrates how standard change catalog works and how it enables change managers to manage change requests effectively.

A property controls whether the selection of a standard change request from the catalog inserts the change request record into the database. This property requires the requester to click the Submit button to insert the change request record.

Standard changes are logically grouped under specific categories. Change Management uses a proposal process to control which changes become available in the standard change catalog.

Standard change catalog enables you to perform the following activities:
  • Request, review, and approve standard change templates.
  • Request pre-approved standard changes.
  • Determine access to standard change templates at the user level.

You can propose, modify, and retire standard change templates based on the requirements of your organization.

Pre-approved standard changes

Submitting a change request from a standard change template ensures that pre-approved information is automatically populated in the necessary fields. Standard changes are submitted more quickly and fulfillment can be expedited.

Note: You cannot mass-update a set of CIs in standard changes. However, you can propose individual changes.

Determine access to standard change templates at user level

Standard change templates are logically grouped under specific categories. These categories are displayed to users based on user criteria such as user role, geographical location, and department.

Note: Standard change catalog templates are not supported on Service Portal.