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View a software counter summary

View a software counter summary

Software counter summaries provide information about each software counter type.

About this task

To view a software counter summary:


  1. On the Software Counter Result form, click a type in the Summary related list.
  2. View the Software Counter Summary form (see table).

    All fields on the form are read-only.

    Figure 1. SAM software counter results
    SAM software counter results
    Table 1. Software counter summary
    Field Description
    Software counter result Name of the software counter result for which the summary is displayed.
    Count as The software model being counted.
    Rights Number of rights that have been used.
    Valuation How software is counted during the reconciliation process.
    Software counter Name of the software counter.
    Summary Check box that indicates whether the form displays summary information (selected) or detailed information (cleared).
    Type Type of license counted.
    Usage Section
    Foreground Total duration of foreground usage of the software, based on all the installations for the grouping.
    Background Total duration of background usage of the software, based on all the installations for the grouping.
    Times used Total number of times the software was used, based on software usage records for the grouping.
    Duration Total duration of software usage, based on software usage records for the group. (Not the sum of Foreground and Background.)
    Related List
    Software Counter Details

    Shows every entitlement, software install, and software usage for the software. The related list also shows the Workstation and User, if applicable, for each software counter detail. A software asset manager can, for example, identify people who are using the license but are not entitled. The software can then be uninstalled from machines that are not in compliance or people can be entitled a license to meet compliance rules.

    Click a type to view the software counter detail.

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