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Split a pre-allocated asset

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Split a pre-allocated asset

You can split a pre-allocated asset to create a group that can be moved to a different stockroom.

Before you begin

Role required: asset

About this task

For example, a group of 100 pre-allocated computers is in Stockroom A. Split the group into two groups of 50 and move one group to Stockroom B. Allocate the computers from the two different stockrooms.


  1. Navigate to Asset > Portfolios > All Assets.
  2. Find the row containing the asset to split. You may want to filter the Substate column to show only Pre-allocated assets.
  3. Click the reference icon Reference icon in the row containing the asset to split.
    Figure 1. Pre-allocated reference icon
    Pre-allocated reference icon
    The asset record is displayed.
  4. Click Split.
    Figure 2. Allocate split
    Allocate split
  5. Enter a Quantity to Split and click OK.
    The pre-allocated asset is split into two groups and the Quantity field on each record indicates the number in each group.