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Map asset state and CI install status

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Map asset state and CI install status

Map the asset State and Substate fields to the CI Install Status field. The CI Install Status field does not have a Substatus field and must be used for CIs other than hardware. When you create the mapping, you can set the synchronization direction from the asset, CI, or both.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or asset
Note: If you upgraded from the Geneva release or a prior release and customized the AssetAndCISynchronizer script include before the upgrade, you must overwrite the customization and then recreate the custom mappings.


  1. Navigate to Asset > Administration > Asset-CI Install Status Mapping.
    By default, only custom mappings are displayed. The list of mappings uses the filter condition of [Out of the box] [is] [False].
  2. Click New.
  3. From the Asset State list, select the state you want to map.
  4. (Optional) If available, select a substate from the Asset Substate list.
    Some of the asset states do not have a substate.
  5. From the Configuration Item Status list, select the logically associated CI status you want to map.
  6. From the Sync direction list, select the direction you want to drive the synchronization.
  7. Select the Active check box to activate the mapping.
  8. Click Submit.