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Allocate a pre-allocated asset

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Allocate a pre-allocated asset

Assets can be allocated from pre-allocated asset records, which creates new asset records and reduces the Quantity in the original pre-allocated asset record.

Before you begin

Role required: asset

About this task

Allocating an asset makes it a financial liability. After all pre-allocated assets have been allocated, the pre-allocated asset record is removed from the asset list.


  1. Navigate to Asset > Portfolios > All Assets.
  2. Find the row containing the asset to allocate. You may want to filter the Substate column to show only Pre-allocated assets.
  3. Click the reference icon Reference icon in the row containing the asset to allocate.
    Asset record
  4. Click Allocate at the bottom of the form.
    The system creates and navigates to a new asset record, which has the same model and parent information as the pre-allocated asset. The new asset has a Quantity of one, while the pre-allocated asset's Quantity is reduced by one.