Transfer order line asset tracking consumables

When a consumable is added to a transfer order line, the stock for the consumable is split into two records and the transfer order links to the newly created stock line.

For example:
  1. Stockroom A has ten keyboards in stock.
  2. A transfer order line named TOL1 transfers three keyboards from stockroom A to stockroom B.
  3. The stock of ten keyboards in A is split into two records: seven shown as In stock > Available and three shown as In Stock > Pending Transfer.
  4. Another transfer order is created with a transfer order line named TOL2 that transfers two keyboards from stockroom A to stockroom B.
  5. The seven remaining keyboards are split into another two lines: five In stock > Available and two In stock > Pending Transfer.

    Note: The three In Stock > Pending Transfer and the two In Stock > Pending Transfer are not merged together because they are not part of the same transfer order line and not necessarily from the same person.
  6. As TOL2 for two keyboards moves from Draft to Requested to Shipment Preparation, TOL1 for the three keyboards remains In Stock > Pending Transfer.
  7. When TOL1 for the three keyboards moves to the In Transit stage, the three keyboards are changed to the In Transit > Reserved stage. The same happens for TOL2 with two keyboards.
  8. When TOL1 is Received, the three keyboards move to In stock > Available in stockroom B.
  9. When TOL2 is received in stockroom B, the two keyboards move to In stock > Available and are merged with the three keyboards that are also In Stock > Available in B.
  10. At the end, stockroom B shows five keyboards are In Stock > Available.