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Consumables life cycle

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Consumables life cycle

Consumables are assets that are not tracked individually, but as a group of the same model.

The group of consumables has one or more of the following traits.
  • Same location
  • Same state
  • Consumed by the same asset, typically as accessories or parts

Some common consumable assets include computer mice, computer keyboards, and pencils. The base ServiceNow system includes the Consumable model category. The first step in working with models is to create a model within the model category for an individual consumable asset. Items such as keyboards and computer mice are often tracked as consumables. Consumables cannot be pre-allocated.

Consumable assets are stored in the Consumable [alm_consumable] table. Consumables follow a slightly different life cycle from other assets.

Stages of consumables

The consumable life cycle stages are as follows.
  • On order
  • In stock
  • In transit
  • Consumed
  • In maintenance
  • Retired
  • Missing