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View on-call calendar

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View on-call calendar

The on-call calendar provides daily, weekly, and monthly views of the selected rotation and roster schedules.

About this task

If more than one rotation schedule on the same day, the secondary and tertiary rotation schedules are also available to view.

Roles required: admin, itil, roster_admin, rota_admin


  1. Navigate to On-Call Scheduling > On-Call Calendars.
    The on-call coverage for the selected group calendar displays.
  2. To select the group, rotations, and rosters you would like to view, click the Settings () icon.
    You can use the choice list to select a specific group whose on-call rotation calendar you would like to view. You can use the toggle buttons to select the primary, secondary, and tertiary rosters for the selected group. In addition, you can search for your group as well as favorite your specific selection.
  3. To view the timeline of the calendar, click the Timeline () icon.
    The timeline view provides a visual representation of allocation of rota resources on a daily and weekly basis only.