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Roster escalation and reminder settings

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Roster escalation and reminder settings

Escalation settings allow you to control how and when escalations occur and notifications are sent.

Escalation settings

  • Forced communication channel: If Notify is active, you can specify a mandatory communication channel, either SMS or email. Keep in mind that if the on-call member does not have an SMS device, they are not contacted. No further communication attempts are made and the lack of an SMS device is logged.
  • # reminders: The number of times the ServiceNow platform sends reminders to a person who does not reply within the time frame defined in Time between reminders.
  • Time between reminders: The time between the reminders being sent.

Values in these fields determine the value in the Time before escalation field. For example, if # reminders is 2 and Time between reminders is 10 minutes, then the Time before escalation is 30 minutes. That is, the time that passes between the first notification of a specific person and the first notification of the next person, if the first one does not reply to the notification or reminders.

Reminder settings

Reminder settings can be defined for each individual roster. They enable configuration of sending reminders and the reminder lead time in days.