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Add Disk activity

Add Disk activity

The Add Disk activity creates a new disk on a virtual machine.

This activity selects a datastore for the new hard disk automatically if you do not specify one.

These variables determine the behavior of the activity.

Table 1. Input variables
Field Description
vCenter IP address of the vCenter server that manages the virtual machine to operate.
Datastore MOR id The ID of the datastore on which to put this disk. If this variable is blank, Orchestration searches all the datastores associated with the virtual machine to find one with sufficient space for the disk being added.
VM uuid The VMware universal unique identifier assigned to this virtual machine. The Virtual Machine UUID topic provides instructions on properly formatting the unique identifier for creating a workflow.
Disk size (MB) The size of the new disk to create, in megabytes. This activity provisions all the necessary space for the new disk immediately (thick mode).