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Configure an IP pool

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Configure an IP pool

An administrator must ensure that there are IP pools associated with all active VMware networks, and that the IP pools contain enough IP addresses to meet the demand for new VMs.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin, vmware_operator, cloud_operator, vmware_operator, admin

About this task

IP pools are collections of IP addresses that can be or have been assigned to newly-provisioned virtual machines (VMs). Each IP pool can be associated with one or more VMware networks. When the Select IP Address activity runs, it identifies the IP pools associated with the VMware network selected for the virtual machine (generally by the Select Datacenter, Network, and Folder activity), chooses the one with the most available IP addresses, and allocates an IP address to the virtual machine from that pool.

Associate VMware networks with an IP pool by editing the VMware Network related list on the IP Pool form. When you provision a new virtual machine through vCenter, select a VMware network. Orchestration assigns an available IP address from the VMware network's IP pool to the new virtual machine. If the VMware network contains multiple IP pools, Orchestration selects an IP address from the pool with the most available addresses.
Note: vCenter contains VMware networks that Discovery (including DiscoverNow) adds to the CMDB as VMware CIs.

To add a new IP pool:


  1. Navigate to VMware Cloud > Administration > IP Pools and click New.
  2. Enter the specifics of the network in which virtual servers will be created. An optional Alternate DNS Server IP can be specified.
  3. Save the record.
  4. To add IP addresses to the pool, click Add Allocatable IPs under Related Links.
  5. Add ranges, networks, or individual addresses in a comma separated list.
  6. Click Allocate IP Addresses.
    The system lists each IP address separately in the related list and marks them as not in use. When a VMware instance is provisioned, Orchestration marks the address as In use and associates the virtual machine name with the IP address in the IP pool record.
    Figure 1. VM IP pool 2