Offer a specialized template on each vCenter environment

Some organizations clone templates to all of their vCenter environments and then configure each copy of the template in a way that is specialized for the environment.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin

About this task

You can configure the system to respond to provisioning requests by fetching a specialized template from the target vCenter instead of the vCenter that hosts the template. For example, you might choose to configure one memory setting on the template on the development environment and a different memory setting on the template on the production environment.


  1. Copy templates to all vCenter environments. Each template must retain its original name. You have the option to modify template settings as needed.
  2. Navigate to VMware Cloud > Administration > Properties.
  3. Select the When provisioning a template to a vCenter environment ... check box. This is the default setting. To provision only from the hosting vCenter, clear the check box.