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Monitor capacity usage of VMware clusters

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Monitor capacity usage of VMware clusters

The VM Capacities page displays the cumulative effective CPU, memory, and disk space of ESX hosts in each cluster.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_operator, vmware_operator, cloud_admin, vmware_operator, admin

About this task

You can view current allocation data on the VM Capacities page at VMware Cloud > Reports > Capacity Usage.

The VMware: Select cluster assignment assigns the cluster to requested resources. The scripts that contain the logic to auto-allocate clusters are:

  • VMwareClusterMgr manages clusters. The findNextAvailableCluster function returns the cluster that has the most CPUs among all clusters that meet the criteria based on the base system cluster capacity checker script include, VMwareClusterCapChecker.
  • VMwareClusterCapChecker determines which clusters are available and which cluster among the available clusters can be overridden in the extension point with the VMWClusterCapCheckerExt key.