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Configure a basic service catalog offering for VMware

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Configure a basic service catalog offering for VMware

Link offerings associated with VMware templates to the default VMware Cloud Management Instance request item in the service catalog.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin, vmware_operator

About this task

Users requesting virtual machines from this source can select only machine size or specifications such as CPU count, memory, and data disk size. For the basic configurations, default sizes already exist as demo data or as custom sizes from an upgraded instance.


  1. Use Discovery to discover vCenter and the templates that it contains.

    Discovering the templates makes them available for configuration as catalog items.

  2. Create the catalog offerings (operating system selections) that are presented to users in the service catalog or use the offerings provided in the base system.
  3. Open each template record in the ServiceNow instance and link the template to a catalog offering.

    This links the operating system selection that a user makes in the service catalog with the proper template.

  4. Open the service catalog and click the VMware Instance link under Virtual Resources to request a VMware instance.

    You can select from a list of predefined sizes or customize the virtual machine by selecting the number of CPUs, quantity of memory, and the storage disk size. When you order the virtual machine from the basic configuration, manual approvals and provisioning tasks are required.