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Approve or reject a VMware request

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Approve or reject a VMware request

When a user requests a VM using the service catalog, the workflow creates an approval task in the Service Desk approval queue of each appropriate group member.

Before you begin

Role required: itil role (in the VMware approvers group) or cloud_admin role (in the Virtual Provisioning Cloud Administrators group), vmware_operator, admin

About this task

If your organization uses manual approvals, a VMware approver must approve the request. After the catalog request is approved, the system creates a new catalog task. A cloud operator can complete the catalog task to provision the virtual machine.


  1. Navigate to Service Desk > My Approvals or to Service Catalog > Open Records > Tasks.
  2. Open the approval request. If your organization has enabled templates to be sourced from target vCenters, then, in the Provisioning Information section, you can select the Template from the list.
  3. Change the state of the request to Approved or Rejected.

    After any member of the approval group approves the request, the workflow creates the provisioning task. The approval request is updated in the queues of other approval group members.

  4. In the Description column, click the down-arrow for the VM. The feature summary appears.